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Here are answers to some questions you may have.
How much do lessons cost at Coffs Coast Physie?

Club Fees are $140 per term (fees decline depending on family numbers registered), with an annual club registration of $30.00 and a BJP registration of $90.00. 

What do you actually do in class?

After greeting your friends and being welcomed to class by your teacher, you’ll begin with some easy stretching and warming up. Next, you’ll practice your posture by marching or start learning a new dance routine. For the little ones there are always fun games that everyone loves. Each lesson is designed to make sure that you improve a little every single week and caters to the ability level of the group.

How many students are in a class?

There are between 5 to 25 students in each class at Template Physie, depending on the age group of the students. Larger classes often have an assistant teacher.

Can I try Physie before committing to join?

Of course! You are welcome to come to an introductory class, obligation free. You can watch or participate in a class to see if Physie is for you.

What type of Physie competitions are there and do I have to compete?

There are two types of BJP Physie competitions. The first is team-­based with 8 girls or ladies in one team performing routines together and the second is called Champion Girl, where girls pursue their individual goals. There are various competitions throughout the year, with club, interclub, regional, state and finally national competitions. Every year, the National Championships are held at the Sydney Opera House where girls from all over Australia compete for the title of Senior Grand Champion. Competitions are completely optional, though they are a great way to build confidence and meet other Physie girls from all over Australia! It’s a wonderful experience designed to encourage girls to become comfortable performing in a safe, positive environment.

Why should my daughter do Physie?

Physie is a great way to keep fit! The variety offered in lessons keeps the girls interested and enthusiastic all year long – combining ballet, jazz and exercise routines all in one! Physie is fantastic for posture and grace – a Physie girl will stand tall with confidence! Most of all, Physie classes are fun!


What do I wear to a class?

You can wear a leotard, activewear, or anything from our club’s performance wear catalogue. Hair is to be tied up and off your face.

How old should you be to start Physie?

Usually 3 years. as long as your daughter can be happily separated from her parent for half an hour.

What do I wear whilst competing?

Danz Design Leotards/Performance wear (Danz Design is BJP’s official stockist), Stockings and fishnets may be worn. No shoes are required.

What about tan, hair and makeup?

Fake tan is banned for under 15s and optional above 15 years. There are strict makeup rules for under 15s, but not for adults. Hair is simple, stylish and
feminine. Hair workshops will be conducted throughout the year. Under 15’s are allowed to wear specific bows in their hair. No hair accessories allowed
for above 15 years, except for teams. Please refer to the Competition Rules section for additional information

We’d love to invite you or your child to our club for an introductory lesson to see what Physie is all about at Coffs Coast Physie, please contact us at ccphysie@gmail.com today!