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About Coffs Coast physical culture club

At Coffs Coast Physical Culture Club (Coffs Coast Physie for short), we proudly teach the BJP Physical Culture curriculum. BJP Physie is the oldest running and most prestigious Physical Culture establishment in Australia. For 125 years, BJP has provided a national platform for Physie clubs to come together to engage in competitions and camaraderie.

“Physie is an elegant way of developing not only fitness but also grace, strength and focus in our girls and women. At BJP, what we are most proud of is how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered lifelong friendships, a true sense of community and a sport for life in Physie.” – Jackie Rawlings, BJP Physical Culture

Empowering Girls for Life

There is an aura of confidence around Physie girls of all ages. Taught to stand tall, with strength and pride, they are team players committed to achieving their goals.

Unlike some ballet and dance studios, Coffs Coast Physical Culture Club focuses on developing the self­-esteem of its students. By teaching them to have a positive relationship with their bodies, we help students blossom with confidence and self­-assurance.

BJP Physie is passionate about nurturing students’ total wellbeing, in both mind and body. Physie is an accepting and encouraging team sport, where every member is supported and motivated to be the best they can be.

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Meet the Teachers at Coffs Coast Physie!

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Allison Cook Pitt (Head Associate)

Club founder, Allison Cook Pitt started Physie at age 6. Allison was a member of the Ashcroft Club, which became Hinchinbrook, for 22 years. She left Sydney with husband Matt and moved to Coffs Harbour in 2001. Allison started her teaching career in 2007 and has had major success with many National representatives, finalists and placegetters, including her own daughter Chelsea, who has been awarded National Champion at ages 6 and also 15.

Allison’s Coffs Coast Club has grown from strength to strength in a very short time. Through hard work and dedication she is achieving her dream of giving as many young girls the opportunity to build confidence, make life long friendships whilst developing better posture, improve flexibility and have fun on a weekly basis.

Chelsea Pitt (Associate)

Chelsea’s love of Physie started when she took her first step onto the Physie floor at age four. A 3 time National Champion, Chelsea has received 10 National prizes and 2 National Finalist awards. Physie is Chelsea’s most cherished passion. With a background in all genres of Dance, Chelsea is a wealth of knowledge in safe dance practice and technique/performance development. She strives to help individuals reach beyond their potential, and feels an overwhelming sense of joy when the goals of students are achieved. Chelsea is a wonderful role model to our students and is proof that hard work, passion and determination can achieve incredible things.

Ashlee Pennington (Associate)

Whilst Ashlee was a late bloomer, starting physie at 23, make no mistake that what she lacks in experience she makes up for tenfold in passion and dedication. Ashlee brings extensive knowledge of both safe dance practices and effective teaching strategies as a result of her years teaching dance and a masters in primary education. What we love about Ashlee is her ability to walk into a room and make everybody feel comfortable, her energy is truly contagious. Ashlee’s talent lies in her ability to create a safe space where every student is nurtured and provided with the support necessary to grow into the best dancer they can be.

Bree Tomlinson (Assistant Teacher)

Our bright and bubbly Miss Bree is an asset to the Coffs Coast Physie Club. Bree joined Physie at 5 years old and is now in her 10th year of competing for Coffs Coast Physie. At 15, Bree has represented Coffs Coast Physie on a National level three times! As a performer, Bree exudes strength, control and confidence, but as a teacher Bree brings fun, laughter and enthusiasm to every lesson. 
As an assistant in our junior classes, Bree has an eye for details and skill for helping your daughter achieve those difficult positions. Miss Bree’s goal is to ensure every little girl that walks out of class talks nothing but Physie!